The Marais, Monsieur’s Neighborhood

Those who follow our brand already know: the Marais has been the motherland and the headquarters of Monsieur Paris since our beginnings. Ten years ago, we set foot there for multiple reasons. It’s a charming neighborhood and the heart of Paris, dynamic and open, but also historically tied to jewelry-making (next, is a little history lesson): in the 17th Century, following the success of the Place des Vosges that became the placate-to-be are for the nobles of the time, all the high-end goldsmiths of the capital set camp next to the luxury homes that create their clientele. It’s Louis XV that ends this golden age (literally) by making the West the new hit place. But before that, the Marais was similar to la place Vendôme... And if the goldsmiths run towards the Tuileries, all the abandoned luxury homes are rehabilitated for the jewelry makers that decide to take over and create good relations with all the nearby artisans: polisher, engraver... 

Honored heir of this history, at Monsieur we wanted to find a neighborhood to create a small ecosystem. Our workshop is on rue Perrée that concentrates all our jewelry “savoir-faire” like working the metals. Being in the Marais gives us easier access to all the artisans of the neighborhood, specialized in their specialty other than jewelry-making: the foundry, the gem setters, the gilder... That all intervene (in that order) with their ancestral techniques to bring our designs to life. 

Yes, exactly like in the 18th century. And next, of course, is our Boutique on rue Charlot, which is both a gallery for those pieces that were created with love, but also a place to meet and exchange with our customers. 

The advantage of this beautiful neighborhood? First, it allows for more flexibility and reactivity for last-minute emergencies. There is also a considerable reduction of our ecological impact since we only need our feet to get from one artisan to another. And finally, the most important point for us: it allows us to be in direct contact with everyone, from our dear customers at the boutique to the customer support with our artisans and suppliers. 

When we say that Monsieur is close to its customers... Come walk around the Marais, we’ll be happy to prove it to you in person :)