The Pearl, June’s stone

A timeless stone, the pearl has passed through the ages brilliantly. Iconic on the Girl with the Pearl Earring, loved by Marie-Antoinette, a signature for Coco Chanel- each time it is reinvented. On top of being beautiful, it also possesses powers. 

We have always loved to lend it fantastic legends: a pearl of the moon’s dew, tears of the stars, gift of the gods at sea… not too shabby, right? Its pure appearance and pearly shine as well as the nuances of its colors make it a particularly fascinating stone. Associated with nobility and purity, it was once used as a wedding stone and of social distinction. 

Regarding its powers, the pearl is particularly fascinating, as they depend on its reflections. Totally white? The pearl helps to purify and uplift the mind. Slightly beige? It brings softness and appeasement. Grey nuances? It allows to be more modest and thoughtful. Blush? Ah, here we touch on a romantic side and emotional feelings. And if the reflections are green, it is a strong ally against anxiety. 

Generally, the pearl above all else is a symbol of femininity, less in its energy than its material and enveloping side. It brings softness and comfort, calms sadness, and helps to take a step back. 

And at Monsieur?

We love the timeless brilliance that matches itself well with yellow gold. On the necklace Sofia, it allies its powers to those of Fatima’s hand for a talisman feel. On the necklace and earrings Tia, it steals the spotlight to embellish your chest or your face. As the ring Greta, it would make any diamond jealous, and as the ring Lygia it shines with the design of the gold.