The sapphire, September's lucky charm

The sapphire can claim to be one of the four precious stones (in comparison to sem-precious stones that we use often at Monseiru), side by side with diamonds, emerald, and ruby. Particularly rare and sought after, it’s a haloed stone with a very particular aura enhanced by its deep iconic blue color, nearly mystical. In the olden days, it was even considered sacred and revealing of truth. As for our dear Louis XIV, he had a 145 carats one (incredibly large, for indication) which was the centerpieces of the Crown’s Jewels. 

We can’t guarantee you’ll find one that large at Monsieur, but all the same. Beyond its appearance, it is a stone that we attribute many powers to. In general, it is an appeasement stone (unlike its friend the ruby that which energizes): ailments, sorrows, fears, stress, sadness, and anger… nearly as good as a therapist. Ideal for navigating back to school. Physically, it is ideal for headaches and joint pain. 

At Monsieur, we love to use it with our warm metals such as gold and vermeil to avoid an “In the Heart of the Sea” look. For gold, we love it adorning our fingers, with the delicate aspect of the Olympe band (twisted or not), the solar Rosa ring, lined up on the Constance band, associated with other stones on the Nielé, as the masterpiece with vintage touch on the Ewande ring, or made very modern on the Valentine ring. One the Gabin line, it associates its virtues with the symbolic protective eye. 

For vermeil, we recommend the beautiful Marius sertie line, or the solar Rima necklace with Berber inspirations.