The stone made for you

There is the tourmaline and its surprising green and rose tones. The garnet and its deep vintage red. The feminine and delicate pearl, representing elegance with excellence. The timeless diamond, that needs no introduction. And so many more...

Stones are an integral part of Monsieur’s jewelry-making approach. We love them for their character and work with them, here, in our workshop with our craftsmanship knowledge, to create unique jewelry that corresponds to our customer's wildest dreams.

This is why, if you have a particular desire for a stone of a specific piece, know that it is possible to adapt our jewelry to your desires. Especially since stones capture attention for their symbolism and the meaning we give them: if you fell in love with a model but imagine it with a garnet instead of a diamond, we would happily create this piece just for you. 

Since everything is handmade in our workshop, each jewelry piece can be tailored to your desires, from the gold's color to the stone you choose. Size, shine, reflection... All that is left is for you to follow your heart, we'll take care of the rest !