Topaz, December’s stone

Its white glow sparkles during December's grey and cloudy days, and evokes the magical snow of Christmas. Bright and astonishing, the topaz is decidedly remarkable.

We associate with this stone many benefits, physically and mentally. First, this stone is particularly recommended for artists, creatives, and the inspired as it stimulates imagination and helps to think clearly. But it is also brimming with lively and joyful energy, that helps avoid blank canvases or writer's block and focuses on moving forward. Isn’t this exactly what we all need after this peculiar year?

The ideal stone for a transition to a new year, that will allow you to finish 2020 on a good note, and to start 2021 with a positive drive. 

And with Monsieur?

The unique, almost glacial, light of the topaz makes it easily associable with the warmth of the gold.

This is why the stone is particularly highlighted on our rings Ewandé baguette and Eugene. For a more discrete touch, the topaz gives all of its powers to our Valentin and Rosalie necklaces.