Tourmaline, the lucky stone of October

Tourmaline is (unjustly) a little known stone. Often mentioned far behind the other stars of the podium, we rarely think of it... Wrongly, of course.

This has not always been the case: long time ago, it was a fascinating stone for the enlightened, who considered that it protected demons that were supposed to invade the Earth. It interests scientists also because of its pyroelectric properties: if heated, it attracts small organic particles to itself. Not very useful information (having said that, we challenge you to place your jewel under a lighter to attract the ashes of a cigarette on the terrace under the amazed eyes of your friends), but all the same, it’s not nothing.

It’s besides that which conferred to her for a long time an aura of stone close to the famous philosopher's stone for the alchemists. A few centuries later (we're sorry to say), it won't make you immortal, just more stylish. And maybe a little more creative too: tourmaline is the stone of poets, authors, musicians, and any other profession that could use a little help from the muses from time to time. It also absorbs negative energies: a real sponge.

At Monsieur, we like to bet on its beautiful colors (pink or green) and associate them with warm gold (yellow or pink). It is theatrical on the Doress ring, very vintage on the Kalla necklace, precious on the Mademoiselle ring, poetic on the Lila necklace, minimalist on the Ewandé ring, a bit mystical on the Elia range, and an irresistible detail on the Cella ring. And if you prefer vermeil, we recommend the Marius baguette ring.