Often unfairly set aside, vermeil is a precious and noble metal. Lighter than gold, it was used to make more comfortable crowns, hence its success in France’s and England’s royal courts. . . We can trace it back to Antiquity, the Incas, and the Middle Ages. Many pieces made with vermeil have been found intact from these periods, so we have century-old evidence that vermeil lasts.

It is made of sterling silver 925/1000 and is plated with 5 microns of gold, much thicker than a simple gold plating with thin gold. It also lasts longer than gold-plated metals and is more solid.

One of its numerous advantages is that it requires little maintenance. With time, a patina will form which might require a second plating, that we provide at Monsieur to bring back to life your vermeil jewelry with a new shine.

At Monsieur, both precious metals that are pieces are made with are hypoallergenic, in contrast to gold platted jewelry made with brass.

We love to use it on our lucky-charm pieces, for which the goal is to last forever without ever taking it off.

Our protection medals such as Joseph, Rima, and Kenza fit the description.

If you are looking for rings, we recommend the Ades model and its double bangle.

And finally, the Lila family, vintage-inspired with its beautifully frames stone. The courts would have loved them!