Monsieur 10 year anniversary

We are 10 years old


10 is the age for dreaming, heads filled with ideas, an abundance of energy, and the beginning of maturity. 

A lot like us. 

It has been ten years that our little hands have worked away in our Parisian workshop to sublimate your looks and that we have brought to life your wildest jewelry dreams. 10 years of exchanging, creating, and dreaming with you who give us your trust. 

And you know what? It happened so fast. . .

So fast that we aren’t ready to stop here.

So, for our 10 years, we have decided to celebrate this anniversary with a real splash: we have brought a new light to our iconic models that have created Monsieur’s soul for all these years by creating a unique capsule collection. 

Joseph’s eye, for example, can be found on three different exclusive bracelets. The essential Olympe band is newly decorated with new stones and takes on a new form as earrings. For Yvette, we have upgraded her to 18-carat gold. 

Exactly what is needed to adorn you with our finest assets, for (at least) another 10 years to come. . . 

A beautiful way to thank you for placing your trust in us, that allows us to be stronger and makes us want to do even more to surprise you and dress you with our creations. 

We’re not stopping here, promise. 

Quite the contrary. 

The Team Monsieur