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The Eugène bracelet is modern and also timeless, due to its classic silhouette and its signature stone! You may choose from cornelian, rose quartz, or labradorite. Made with 18 karat gold, the Eugène bracelet is available in yellow, rose, or white gold.

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White gold

White gold is rhodium-plated, meaning it is covered with a fine layer of metal (rhodium) to give it its white color. With a base of 75% gold (18 karats), we transform the originally yellow metal into a white gold base by adding silver, around 15% copper, and in some cases, palladium.

Yellow gold

With a base of 75% pure gold (18 karats), yellow gold is also composed of about 12,5% silver and 12,5% copper.

Rose gold

With a base of 75% pure gold (18 karats), we obtain rose gold by slightly increasing the copper in the alloy recipe. About 20% copper with 5% silver. Yellow gold is also composed of approximately 12,5% silver and 12,5% copper.


Pink quartz

This appeasing stone is associated with the heart chakra. It symbolizes Love. This transparent mineral is often adorned with pink, blue, violet, or rose reflections. A large variety of crystals exists, like amethyst, ametrine, or rose quartz. Since ancient times, this crystal has been notably used for its thermal properties.


In ancient times, the carnelian was known under the name Sardoine. It reinforces feelings and emotions. Cornelians are translucent or opaque with a matte sheen with orange and red in color.


The labradorite is a stone with sublime metallic reflections, mostly green or blue; some can showcase every color of the spectrum. It is also called the “stone of therapists” or “stone of healers,” as it’s a proper protective shield for hypersensitive people.


The first sizing of your jewel is offered within 30 days. You can also exchange for another model within 30 days, or get your money back within 14 days.

To check your size on the screen :

Before you do anything else, check that the ring gauge is correctly scaled. The indicator should measure exactly 30 mm. Next, take one of your rings that fits perfectly on your finger (the one you want to wear your Monsieur creation on). Place it on the bezel to find your size. The inner edge of the ring should be aligned with the outer edge of the circle. If your ring is between two sizes, we recommend you choose the larger one.

Download size guide as pdf.


First of all, check that the guide is correctly scaled, i.e. the indicator must measure exactly 30 mm. If you already have a rigid snap ring, compare it with the guide below. If you don't have a rigid snap ring, you can print our guide, making sure that it remains to scale (the image scale must be set to "100%"), but don't hesitate to vérifier the scale indicators. You'll then cut out the various circles and make test bracelets. Note that paper is a much less rigid material than gold or silver, so be sure to pass the bracelets easily over your handle; if in doubt, take the larger size.

Download size guide as pdf.