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Gary diamants

Necklace in 18 karat gold, the Gary diamond necklace is available in yellow gold, rose gold or white gold. With its handmade hammered medallion and its three diamonds, the Gary diamond necklace was manufactured delicately. Assembled to a fine and delicate chain, the Gary diamond necklace can be worn on its own or stacked with your other necklaces. To make it even more unique, engraving of a letter or number on the back of the medallion is available.

Medal's diameter : 0.8 cm

Weight : 2,28g environ
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Guide des tailles

La première mise à taille de votre bijou est offerte sous 30 jours. Vous avez également la possibilité d'échanger pour un autre modèle sous 30 jours ou d'être remboursé sous 14 jours.

Télécharger le guide de tailles comme pdf.


Yellow gold

Avec une base d’or pur de 75% (18 carats), l’or jaune est également composé d’environ 12,5% d’argent et de 12,5% de cuivre environ.

Rose gold

Avec une base d’or pur de 75% (18 carats), nous obtenons l’o rose en augmentant légèrement le cuivre dans le mélange, 20% environ avec 5% d’argent.

White gold

White gold is rhodium-plated, meaning it is covered with a fine layer of metal (rhodium) to give it its white color. With a base of 75% gold (18 karats), we transform the originally yellow metal into a white gold base by adding silver, around 15% copper, and in some cases, palladium.

Yellow gold

With a base of 75% pure gold (18 karats), yellow gold is also composed of about 12,5% silver and 12,5% copper.

Rose gold

With a base of 75% pure gold (18 karats), we obtain rose gold by slightly increasing the copper in the alloy recipe. About 20% copper with 5% silver. Yellow gold is also composed of approximately 12,5% silver and 12,5% copper.